Thoughts on Arth

I always head to Baradwaj Rangan’s review after watching a movie and the comments following the ok review¬†made me think a bit about Shabana Azmi’s rejection of Raj Kiran’s proposal at the end of the movie. I mean their characters of course but for the life of me cannot recall what they were called!

Like pretty much everyone else, I was disappointed by this when I watched the movie years ago. I wanted the happy ending! I wanted the philandering husband to eat his heart out to see his wife with a younger, handsomer and equally talented new partner. Her refusal made no sense.

Watching the movie again though it seemed so obvious. She was just not in love with him! She enjoyed his company and was happy to be friends with him. But just because she was on the rebound did not mean she had to marry the next man who came along. Whoever he might be.

Besides, she was just now starting to discover herself as a person. Just now figuring out what living on her own was all about. Perhaps she was starting to like that person and enjoy those experiences. It was perfectly reasonable to me that as a sensible woman she would not, and really should not be in a hurry to give all of that up.

I do need to discover more such movies though that get better and make more sense with age.