Goodbye Thailand, Hello Europe

It has been so long since I wrote my last Thailand post and even longer since I visited, I wonder why I am doing this. Maybe just to wrap up cleanly before I start my summer holiday posts. We went to Vienna, Prague, Salzburg and the Black Forest but more on that later.

On our last full day in Phuket, we chose to skip the planned trip to the James Bond islands and spend the day on our own instead. We swam in the sea, lazed around on the beach, picked up our laundry and went souvenir shopping in the local markets of Patong. We especially loved the miles of new plantation we drove past. It was incongruous but in a very nice way to see the bustling city and the green hills in such close juxtaposition.


We were on our way back to rest a while before we had to leave for the Phuket Fantasea trip and show when we got a call from my husband’s colleague. He and his family had similarly opted out of the day trip and gone parasailing instead. We all sign off on risks and stuff before operations and adventure sports, fearing but not believing that the worst would happen. Sometimes it does. I might have overdone the drama here. His wife had had a hard landing and broken her leg in multiple places.

What followed was a total, crazy nightmare. The kids and I went to the hotel while my husband ran around trying to get medical help. The government hospital in Phuket was not much better than in India and refused to do anything till the next day. We had all been hoping that they could get her in a cast and let her fly back to India the next day where they would have help and all would be well, but she had got a clot in her legs and DVT can be a real risk so that was out. Also, travel insurance does not cover accidents related to parasailing. They put that in quite clearly. So after a lot of craziness, she was moved to a private hospital and payment in forex arranged for her surgery.

Meanwhile, we had missed our bus for Phuket Fantasea. The kids and I were not too worried but my husband knew how much he had paid and was a little sad. Our lovely travel agent Rita, stepped in at this point and offered to drive us there herself once my husband had finished the hospital work. We were too late to enjoy the whole place but would be able to have dinner and catch the show. I have to make a special mention of her. Rita is SUCH a lovely person. I have not written a TripAdvisor review either and I will. She arranged all our trips, gave us huge discounts and then did this. She chatted most pleasantly with us about her trip to India and views on Bangkok and Mumbai on the way to the hospital, where we picked up my husband, and then dropped us at the venue. We were forced to disturb her later at night as there was some confusion regarding our minibus but she took care of everything. Full, top star rating for her!

Lower rating for Phuket Fantasea though. The white tiger in the house on a higher floor was frankly creepy and we never even went up to look at it. The show was circusy and fun to start with but I was totally bored by the end. I might not have been in the right frame of mind for such merriment perhaps. Not that there was much. Merriment.

Till the last minute when they snatched our phones away, my husband was busy coordinating stuff. No chance of our enjoying the place I guess.

We flew back the next day, taking our colleague’s children with us. Without them to care for, he had checked out of the hotel and into the hospital. The surgery went off smoothly and they returned a few days later. His wife made a full recovery.

And that was it. Phuket. A great holiday with some anticlimax. But the funnest of all the beaches this year (Bekal and a short weekend in Goa being the others). And in a little over a month it will be time for Europe. A different place and a different break with different company. Hopefully just as much fun!


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