It’s a new dawn and a new day

31st March:

1:30 pm(Local Time): Finally in hotel and beyond exhausted! Kids did not sleep at all on flight. We are zombies on feet.

1:35 pm:  There is a bunk bed in room!


2:00 pm: All showered and eating pizza. Will sleep.

6:30 pm: Awake! Feel like new person. It’s been raining and is super hot and muggy out. A/C in room most welcome. What can we do though?

9:00 pm: Had super lovely evening. Crossed the road and were on beach. This place is lovely. Clean and pretty. Like a clean Goa. After getting our feet wet for a bit, walked down to roadside cafe for milkshakes and icecreams. Coconut icecream – big hit! Had some fiercely contested games of Connect4 with boys. This is a very Goa like market with identical sand toys, sun dresses and hats. Skipped these and went to 7-eleven for water. Why do hotels ration out drinking water in this absurd manner? Returned with shampoo (the Novotel fair trade shampoos are very very sad), brownies (kids need snacks) and a coconut lip balm. Seems too mild for our dry uru but for warm and humid Phuket would be just right.

While on topic of Novotel bathroom supplies – we stayed at the Novotel in Zurich and were surprised to note that there was no way to lock the door from within. This Novotel comes with a nice and sturdy double turn lock which would be hugely reassuring were it not for the glass wall with the frosting undone in the shape of the Novotel logo leaving you exposed to all when within. This is a family room, what were they thinking? My younger one stationed himself outside while hubby was within and provided us with a running commentary till I realized what was happening and herded him off.

But on the plus side, Novotel is on Karon beach which is not too crowded (like Patong) and not too remote (like Kamala) but just right! Also, it is across the road from the most  lovely shallow beach which is perfect for swimming in.

Effects provided by Google

11:00 pm: Sat about pool chatting with office folks for bit after return. Then all had dinner at Tai. Boys continued to eat generic pesto pasta and pizza margherita but husband had Thai item and self made do with fried rice. That being the only vegetarian item on the Thai menu. Was well made with many different veggies. Rich and flavourful. Found it hard to eat well after a while in Europe but the Thai people are rice eaters too and think can do very well for myself here!



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