Flight to Phuket


30th March, Thursday
Trip gets off to inauspicious start. Was wrapping up travel checklist while waiting for airport taxi when mom asked when we were returning.  Husband and self chorused – ‘Tuesday/Monday’. As usual have been paying no attention to what other has to say with result that have applied for one day less leave than needed. Hurried call to boss to explain situation met with pained silence at other end. We are in middle of release and this is not welcome news. Not much he can do though at this stage but say OK which he tries to do as ominously as he can. Oh Oh Oh! Now need to update Out of Office message.

 8:30 pm: Packed clothes for boys for extra day. Realized have nothing suitable for self. Wonder what can buy in Phuket?

8:35 pm: Tripadvisor says top two items to buy in Phuket are Olay Total Effects and Tiger Balm. I could use the balm.

9:00 pm: OFF!

PS. Can 4 nights in Phuket be described as ‘Taking Thailand’?


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