Breakfast at the Egg Factory

We had visited the Egg Factory on St. Marks Road a long time back and not enjoyed the experience too much. Everything had been spicy and nothing had been tasty. But so many friends have recommended it since that we had been wanting to try it again. So this Sunday, we decided to make our breakfast eggstra special. (I suck at this!!!)

The first thing I noticed was the glass bottles at the tables and gave it a thumbs up straight away. A BIG GREEN shout out here!! (But do away with the ketchup and sugar sachets people!)

The factory flavoured decor we remembered from our last visit, but the children enjoyed the wrench shaped door handles, pipes and taps. The music was pleasantly muted and the ambience overall was nice and not overwhelming.

The menu was full of quirk and cracked my older one up since he gets wordplay now. His favorite joke was ‘Omletting you win’ with a cartoon of two boxers. The younger one does not but in a spirit of competition spent much time giggling over the cartoons.

Besides the quirk, the menu was also rather full of choices and it took us some time to figure out what we wanted. I have mentioned Eggs Kejriwal from our previous outing to SodaBottleOpenerWaala. This time we ordered it. Think Masala Papad meets Eggs Sunny Side Up. And sits on a bed of buttered toast. The onions were raw but it tasted nice on the whole. I ordered scrambled eggs which were just a teeny bit runny but buttery and yummy just the same. I needed no salt or pepper to season mine. My husband ordered a masala omelette which was ok.

The kids had cheese omelettes – the older one eating the three cheese one. He loved it and took a second helping, finishing both at record speed. The younger one lingered over his meal as usual but managed to finish.

Tea and coffee were strictly nondescript and the juices were out of tetra packs.

The service was a little slow but all breakfast places are slow on Sundays so no complaints really. We paid about a grand for a hearty breakfast for four. Overall, I would say Yes – eat here. We will again for sure!


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