Mario Gallery

The last day of our trip was a time for wrapping up. Going for one nice lunch, buying cashews to take back home and for office and a trip to the Mario Gallery. I had been gifted paintings from there by a friend and I had thought it was an actual gallery but turns out it is really a shop. And it was only about 800 metres from the Villa Alina. We dropped in on our way back from lunch.

I read up later and found that Mario Miranda had not in fact formally studied art at all. It makes his formidable talent all the more amazing and worthy of admiration. My older boy is really keen on drawing and is learning sketching techniques at school. I picked up a couple of postcards for him to copy and learn how hatching is done. But mostly, I enjoyed wandering through the aisles and looking at the paintings. They were an inside view into Goa. I don’t think as a casual visitor you can ever see that Goa. There were bits that were very familiar. We had some sad experiences with racism on an earlier trip when we stayed at the Leela. The deference, in fact obsequiousness that was dealt out to foreigners was a stark contrast  to the treatment we got. Miranda poked gentle fun at this attitude in a cartoon showing the reaction to the changing of a street name from a Portugese to an Indian sounding one. There was another one about increasing rentals that I liked very much. We picked up some souvenirs. I highly recommend this place for souvenir shopping.

And now that I’m done with the partying maybe my next trip will involve more of discovering that Goa. The inside one.


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