The sound of violence

“I will not give this to you again – so don’t drop it!”, I said sternly to my four year old. For the fifth time, so it was unlikely he took me very seriously. But as a parent it behoves me to make such statements. Falling back on my seat exhausted, I realized that it was not one hour since we had left. If we could manage with threats or by some miracle a child actually fell asleep, we might just make our first point stop without having to move to the seat at the back to mind the kids.

Speaking of the seat at the back, when these unscrupulous people sell the idea of an SUV to you, they inform you that it is a 7 seater capable of comfortably carrying your family entourage on weekend trips. What they completely omit to mention is that they define “family” as consisting of a minimum of two children below the age of reason, capable of being tricked into sitting in seats that were designed for hobbits. Also, when they say weekend trips, do note that you will have to spend the weekend in hotel provided bathrobe and slippers since the seven seater is not made for luggage. Oh did I mention that by unscrupulous people I meant my husband?

Squeezed into said SUV then, me, the husband, sister, her husband, two tiny terrors and my dad made our way to Coorg this weekend. Closely followed by another vehicle carrying mother, brother, sister in law, friend and two slightly less tiny, and less scary terrors. The friend of course being a very good friend hence consenting to be part of our early morning caravan. As we wended our way past film cities and wonders la, we slowly left behind civilization and moved towards the wilder places. On our minds were quiet, cool plantations and a heritage bungalow nestled quietly within waiting for us. The GPS lady informed us that we would shortly arrive at our destination which was on the left,  and almost simultaneously a quaint signboard assured us that we would soon hear the sound of silence. Surely such serenity would work it’s magic even on our noisy quartet?

Arriving at the place, the first thing we saw was that the bungalow, which was set in the middle of a pretty, wildflower garden, was raised at a height – with no safety railing!!! Serenity flew out the window as we chased around after our merry marauders – the hours packed in the car clearly having made them long for some action. The only other people staying at the place,  a young, newly married couple looked rather alarmed at our entry. Gathering boys, keys, luggage and dignity, we made our way to the assigned quarters.

Clearly, unsupervised ramblings were going to be off the menu. Thankfully resort holidays can be about more than that. We resorted to closed doors, recliners, chess boards, scrabble, movies, books. And for the grown ups card games, foos ball and snooker. I cannot be absolutely sure but our raucous games of 29 and keenly contested foosball matches might have rained on the newlyweds’ parade a bit. But on our last night in, the newly marrieds requested for and scored the recliner filled movie room. Our finally exhausted incubi were banished to their rooms – soon fast asleep and the cool coorgi air rent with our warblings as we made things musical. Karaoke time!

We had a great break from the run of the mill and came back thoroughly rejuvenated. Did notice though that the silence sign looked slightly smash-grabbed as we drove back. Cannot be absolutely certain but I think the newlyweds left before us.


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