Oh Kadhal Kanmani

I went to watch okk last saturday with my mom, an old friend and her mom. Her mom seemed to enjoy it but by my mum’s huffy expression and all the whispering to my dad the next morning – in retrospect – bad decision. But oh well!

Anyhow – the movie was watched and all parties returned home. My mom of course seems to have woken up bursting with indignation but for my part I liked the movie more having slept over it.

The whole live in thing for one was a red herring. This movie was not about living in at all! What it was about was pretty much the same as alai payuthe. Brand new, sparkling young love meets much older love – holding on desperately to the bitter end. And learns a thing or two.

The first half was extremely annoying btw. Especially to a middle aged person like me. It was SO upbeat I wanted to clobber both the leads. But once they settled down, things were better. And the older couple made the movie. There was a scene where *SPOILER ALERT* Leela Samson’s alzheimers stricken character asks her husband if she will forget his name too someday. For some reason I found that enormously touching. And the proposal! I am really too old to be going all week in the knees but I almost did.

Unlike the Jabong ad that celebrates living in as a middle finger raised to the world, the couple here were just being practical. If you like someone and know there is no future, keep it simple, keep it happy, grab whatever you’ve got and then move on. They really did intend to move on till things happened and different stuff became more important. The movie does not dwell too much on how or why that happens – true. But sometimes it is just the everydayness of things. Big stuff you can always outgrow or change your mind about. But someone who can share the small stuff with you is usually a keeper. Maybe that was it. Maybe being with the older couple who love each other so deeply made their fledgling love story seem like something bigger and worth holding on to. Maybe when push comes to shove, Aadhi will find that he did not really mean what he said and that Ganapathy uncle was a pretty special man after all. But maybe sometimes you just need a nudge to show you what you can be and what you can have and the rest just falls into place.


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