North Canara Calling

Since I am now a responsible gypsy, I decided to responsibly sit down and write about my recent trip. This good friday weekend we went off on an all families outing with the husband’s office team to north canara.

Crossing the western ghats, we stayed at a place that was fairly close to the coast although not actually on the beach itself. About 10 km from Bhatkal. Namely the Wild Woods Spa – A Botanical Resort.

The name’s a bit of a mouthful and I was amused by the botanical bit. Only until I met the remarkable Mr. Shetty who owns the place. He was giving a walk around tour to some folks and not knowing who or what I seamlessly integrated, thereby having the most fun on that trip. Mr. Shetty knows about every single plant on that property! Unsurprising considering he seems to have planted most of them himself. So I saw for the first time such treasures as the elephant fruit, the looking glass tree and a plant the juice of whose leaves give a person bitten by a cobra extra time of upto an hour in which to get help! I do not know the name but was blown away by the amount of knowledge we have buried in our country that we cannot afford to lose!

Which also reminds me of the lovely wooden recliner in our room. Amazing craftsmanship. Who’d have thought a wooden recliner could be so comfortable?

I also really enjoyed my visit to the Murudeswar temple. For a slightly selfish reason to start with. It was a hot day and the planned outing was to the beach and in a rickety old bus to boot. By the time we reached I was all shaken and stirred and the cool temple was deliciously welcome. There was also an air conditioned cave displaying scenes from the story of the origin of this temple Each display had a Kannada narrative that went with it. I don’t understand Kannada very well but the flashback to Amar Chitra  Katha was instant and complete. I clearly remembered the story of Ravana carrying the linga home dreaming of immortality and cautioned to not put it down; unfortunately needing to stop for a bathroom break and Ganesha disguised as a small boy tricking him into putting it down. What I did not know about was Ravana’s desperate attempts to re-lift the immovable linga thereby tearing it to pieces, each piece flying to a different place and becoming the site for a new temple.

The beach where we headed after was clean and well provided with tea and snacks which is mostly all I look for at the end of a hot day. For the kids, there were reasonably priced small outlets stocking tees and shorts to replace their wet clothing. Much fun was had by all.

We did touch the Jog falls on our way out but it was the wrong time of the year and I will say no more.

For the rest, North Canara is a lovely place. As untouched as it can be in this day and age.

On our drive back, except for the architecture which is innocent of any Portuguese influence and the absence of foreigners I could almost imagine myself in Goa.

Finally, the Green Report:

  • Not much bottled water to be seen! An RO filter was prominently displayed in the restaurant area and I freely refilled my bottles with zero bottled water guilt. Yayy!
  • Butter in small plastic packaging. Why why why do green resorts do this? A number of places have moved to small pats or butter, butter in small dishes and so forth. Time to try?
  • No segregated waste bins and plastic lining for bins. Noooooo
  • Lovely kitchen crockery. Ok this is not a green thing but I just remembered and had to write. That electric kettle! Wowiee 🙂
  • The roof cooling. What an innovative and super idea! Water pours off the roof into the moatish thing and probably goes back. The restaurant stays super cool. No AC. Simple and green. Two thumbs up!

And that’s all folks! Do go visit this is a nice place!


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