That’s Sho bad!

So Shobha De says the most baffling things. I remember reading this column she wrote once about the death of Boney Kapoor’s first wife and she was going on and on about how all this was so hard on Sridevi who was left out of such an important family event. That column was inexplicable on so many levels I can only conclude she wrote it while smoking something.

But how to explain this? She has now written eloquently about how the state should sponsor the education of Suzette Jordan’s children.

Be clear, I am making no moral judgements here. A Suzette Jordan being raped is as wrong as a seventy year old nun being raped. Neither one deserved it. Both deserve speedy justice. I am not clear if any compensation is mandated by law but if so, they both deserve it equally. But why exactly do those kids deserve free education from our tax money?

By all accounts they had a hard life. Shobha herself speaks of how they had to call their mother’s friends to figure out where their drunk parent was many nights. They must have had to endure a lot. And that woman does not meet my standards of a good parent. I can hold on to that opinion while feeling sorry for her rape and thinking she deserves justice.

And I can keep my tax money for deserving children. Or for hard working parents who want a better life for their average children and despite their best efforts just cannot manage it. I know many of those. Have helped some, and would like to help more.

But why these kids? Nothing was said about their being deserving of a scholarship so I assume this is just a pity party. I’ll be the party pooper then. Since their father seems not to be heard of, their mother should have provided for them. Saved some of her lipstick and club money. Had a few cocktails less. Does this sound harsh? I would have done it in her place! Shobha De might not have written poignantly about me having a drink in heaven with the angels but heck she would not have had to place a begging bowl in front of my kids. I’ll take that any day!


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